Sen Ta, Leeds

Last update 2023-12-06
Expires 2024-01-06
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Sen Ta, Leeds
United Kingdom, West Yorkshire, Leeds,
Modified November 9, 2023


Year 1 TA/1:1 Create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment. Foster a positive and inclusive classroom culture. General but also working 1:1 with a child with an EHCP - social and academic; and a child with anxiety. Monitor and assess student progress, providing timely feedback and support. Collaborate with colleagues and parents to ensure the overall success of the students. Year 5 TA/1:1 Embrace play-based learning and hands-on activities to promote early childhood development. General but also working alongside a child displaying autistic traits and other 1:1 children with EHCPs for social & academic. Nurture a welcoming and supportive classroom atmosphere. Foster social-emotional growth and independence in young learners. Communicate effectively with parents and caregivers to provide a holistic educational experience

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Sen ta

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